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Galway traffic at the shopping centre

Submission to the Integrated Transport Management Programme for Galway

Ireland’s transportation system has been acknowledged at Governmental level as unsustainable for nearly a decade now. The ‘predict and provide’ policy paradigm has become wholly outdated and is having significant and on-going negative impacts on the environment, entire communities and neighbourhoods, and people’s overall health and well-being.

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Walking Galway

My 'tuppence worth' on Galway's traffic management problem!

While many progressive cities and towns across the globe are beginning to recognise the damage to the fabric of their communities, societies and the environment that car-centric thinking brings, in contrast Galway has embraced a 'build a road at any cost' approach to solving our on-going traffic management problems.

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Walking in Galway

From Public & Private Space to Social Space: and an argument for slowing down

I've recently read an interesting post on the World Streets: A New Mobilities Agenda blog where Eric Britton writes that we need to 'move toward a new paradigm for transport in cities, and it all starts with . . . slowing down'. He elaborated on an emerging paradigm for the development of our cities, a redefining of the view of space...

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The Scourge of traffic

Our Cities are Full of Cars When They Should be Full of People

Travel and mobility must be an integral consideration in the promotion of sustainable development and consumption in Ireland. Governmental policy over the past number of decades focussed almost exclusively on roads building and the infrastructure required to accommodate the automobile (see Transport 21), often neglecting the social and spatial consequences of these decisions.

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Barbara, Mike, and David Engwicht

David Engwicht in Galway

David Engwicht is an Australian social innovator and a significant international leader of efforts to reduce the negative impacts of the private car on our cities and towns. He is considered the fathers of traffic calming and is the inventor of the walking bus, Street reclamation, and the Universal Anchoring Device.

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