musing about Galway
Walking Galway

My 'tuppence worth' on Galway's traffic management problem!

While many progressive cities and towns across the globe are beginning to recognise the damage to the fabric of their communities, societies and the environment that car-centric thinking brings, in contrast Galway has embraced a 'build a road at any cost' approach to solving our on-going traffic management problems.

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The Friday evening crew

When Friday Comes!

Each and every Friday evening for the past twelve years the all-weather pitch in Mervue is the venue for the greatest assortment of tough guys and cry-babies, divers and whiners, kickers, flickers, hoggers, cloggers and boggers, crossers, headers, no-gooders, spoofers, yellers, tacklers, show-offers and exhibitioners to have ever laced their boots in Galway.

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Eamon 'Chick' Deacy, much more than a legend!

Galway is in a state of shock with the sudden death of Eamon 'Chick' Deacy and for many the unexpected nature of the news has utterly devastated us. His passing, before starting his usual route delivering fruit and vegetables across the city, from a suspected heart attack leaves us reeling, much like being on the receiving end of the crunching tackles he was renowned for.

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Gaelic Football

Mick Dolan, an Unsung Hero

Every cloud has a silver lining, or so the saying goes. As we plummet even deeper into the most damaging economic crisis in the history of the state it can be difficult to imagine, never mind observe, any sign of this silver coating. However, in our midst are unsung community activists who have given tirelessly of their time, effort and enthusiasm in the promotion of sport and the healthy development of young people...

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